EMF Shield


Stressors to the human body have increased tremendously in the past few decades. Genetically modified foods, pollutions, toxins, etc. have affected the ability of our body function in the way it was naturally intended to. The inventions of radio, cellular communication and other such devices that transmit electromagnetic waves/fields have also caused a new kind of stress to the body, electromagnetic pollution. Cell phones and similar EMF devices are a source of electromagnetic pollution and are used by over 90% of adults according to Pew Research Center. Electromagnetic pollution can cause a variety of serious health problems and negative stressors to the body which include: DNA damage, an increased risk of cancer, loss of fertility, effects on brain function, metabolic changes, disruption of the immune system, and thermodynamic changes in the body.

Electromagnetic pollution is a relatively new kind of stressor to the body that needs to be addressed. EMF Shields produce a positive effect on people and allow the body to function at its optimal rate in the presence of these new stressors. A Heart Rate Variable (HRV) test showed the effects of cell phone use with and without the EMF Shield. The results found the EMF Shields were effective in reducing stress to the central nervous system caused by the detrimental electromagnetic frequencies from cell phone use. In testing done by Modern Testing Services and Central Florida Medical Thermography the thermodynamic effects of cell phone use with and without EMF Shields were tested. The results were conclusive and found that cell phone use with the EMF Shields on them dramatically reduced the thermodynamic stress to the body caused by cell phone use. EMF Shields have been proven to help the body fight off the negative stressors of electromagnetic pollution and allow the body to function in a better condition.

  • Offsetting Non-Ionizing EMF Radiation
  • Offsetting Phantom Phone Vibration
  • Harmonizing the Body
  • Improving Body Circulation

2 Shields Per Package