#1 Terahertz Frequency Device



#1 terahertz frequency device




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IONShield Ionizer Pendant

Clean Air Whenever and Wherever You Are!
Wear this sophisticated and stylish pendant that emits 60 million negative ions. The IONShields negative ions eliminate harmful particles such as PM2.5, secondhand smoke, mold spores, pollen, dust, bacteria and viruses.  It uses the built-in carbon brush system to release negative ions into the air.

These negative ions attach to particles in the air, giving them an electrical charge which causes them to clump together and drop to the ground, thereby preventing them from entering our lungs.

Continuous absorption of negative ions into our body is good for our health as it can increase metabolism, improve the digestive system, enhance blood circulation, and more. three top technologies - Terahertz, Quantum, and Optical Quartz. Its component is cast with more than one hundred trace elements.

From our customers
From our customers
Really great communication and follow up! We recommend Wisconsin Stockist. I got my Iteracare fast too!
— Sara T. - New York, NY
From our customers
Thank you for such fast and great service! ~ Madison, WI
— Jerry S.
From our customers
We loved how well you packaged our devices. Fast delivery!
— Cheryl T. - Boise, ID

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